Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Half terms over - back to it!

Route                                                       Distance,  Time,  Week Total, Total
Home – Caldy – Hoylake – Leasowe         17           2hrs        17           114.3
Moreton – Saughall – Black Horse Hill
Grey sky to start, blue sky to finish, very little wind,  3’c. 
Having a week off training due to half term was a bit of a killer and having toothache on the first day the winks were back at school was even more frustrating.  Today was about fitting in a shorter ride with some hills and other varied terrain. 
The climb to Caldy is always ‘fun’ and meant 2.5 miles plus some vertical gain had been achieved before the bike was even pointed in the direction of Leasowe which was the ultimate plan for today! 
Following the Wirral Circular Loop signs once at Leasowe resulted in an ‘interesting’ (and I definitely use the word advisedly) pedal alongside the Bidston golf course.  The only place I’ve seen more rubbish is at the tip and it was the sort of deserted place where you ride along fully expecting to see a dead body at any moment!!!  Needless to say I shan’t be rushing back to repeat that particular experience.
The final push to home was along the lanes from Saughall Massie and straight up Black Horse Hill.  Happy to report no getting off of the bike was required however at one point it did cross my mind that it would be quicker to just walk up the hill pushing the bike!!!!      
And now because I'm sure my dear readers are most interested in whether I was too hot or too cold a temperature report - My body and fingers were too warm - a thermal plus 4 additional layers was too much as were full fingered gloves - but my toes were a little chilly!!

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