Saturday, 9 March 2013

A ride of two halves.

Route                                                        Distance,  Time,  Week Total, Total
Caldy – Montgomery Hill – Mill Hill – Irby -  32          4hrs         56          170.3
Heswall – Neston – Caldy – West Kirby – Hoylake – Leasowe – Moreton – Greasby - Irby - West Kirby
Grey, overcast, slightly damp, 9’c.  Okay so after the sweaty effort of Tuesday I left the thermal and fleece layers off and was too cold which meant an 18 mile loop back home to retrieve an extra layer for my top half and an extra pair of socks for my poor toes plus a quick coffee to thaw out the inside bits too! 
The first loop covered a multitude of hills – from the lowest point of Heswall on the shore line to the highest point of Heswall next to a radio transmitter. The only point to this being to endure some hills.  Going up and down hills is an essential part of this training exercise but I can’t say I’m exactly enjoying it.  In one respect I’ll be glad when I’ve achieved the goal so I can go back to riding the off road muddy, bumpy stuff that is so much more enjoyable.
The second loop was about packing in a bit more distance rather than gratuitous hill climbing so a blast along the front to leasowe lighthouse then a ride back through various housing estates finishing with Montgomery Hill and straight up the main road from Caldy crossroads West Kirby.
Pleased that none of the hills provided too much of a challenge and no walking was called for.  Felt my legs for the first time after this ride and I don’t really know why.  Just hope as the weeks go on the training does become easier and less of a drag.  I think the weather is probably playing a part. I’m fed up of having cold toes. Is it too much to ask to be comfortably warm on a ride???  (I may regret this statement come August if the C2C ends up being tackled in a heatwave!!!!) 

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