Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Painful Reality.

Route                                                       Distance,  Time,  Week Total, Total
Home – Wetstone Lane (hill) – Caldy        9.1          1hr          9.1             56.8
Crossroads (Hill) – Montgomery Hill, Frankby – Hillside – Gorse Lane – Grange Road – prom – Village Road (Hill)
Grey sky, light winds, 3’c.  The name of todays game was to pack a few hills in.  Shame it took me 3 miles to get going. I was expecting to feel despondent and defeatist at some point but I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.  Plodding along thinking -  “what the hell am I doing thinking I can cycle 140 miles in 4 days??  Theres no way I’m ever going to be fit enough.”  So the question is how to get over this low patch? How do people find motivation and inspiration? And actually – is there any way I’m ever going to have done enough training to enable me to complete the challenge?  Answers on a postcard please!! 
Ok so there must be some positives from today’s effort? Well I managed to clock 32mph on the whizz down Grange Road so that’s good!  And I didn’t have to get off and push at all even though Montgomery Hill and Village Road are both quite brutal ups. And hallelujah ..... my body and fingers were warm enough due to an extra thermal layer and full finger gloves.  (We won't mention not being able to feel my feet when I got off my bike at home!  No. Lets finish on a high!)

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