Saturday, 9 February 2013

An adventure and an encounter!

Route                                                       Distance,  Time,  Week Total, Total
Home - Hoylake - Leasowe - New Brighton –23.6m   3hrs 40m   23.6     47.7
Woodside - Birkenhead - Upton - Greasby - Hillside
Essential to get out and get some miles in even though the weather wasn't great - cloudy and cold - about 4'c.  Once again I completely underestimated the temperature and was COLD!    From now on its full finger gloves, over booties and 5 layers
The big excitement came a mile from Woodside Ferry terminal with the discovery that my back tyre was suspiciously squishy.  The exciting part was finding that the pump wouldn't fit my tyre valve! Argh
Now if you're going to get stuck I recommend you get stuck just as an ex-boy scout happens to be passing with a full tool kit including wet wipes and who succumbs to your damsel in distress routine!!  Sorted. 
After a fast 5 min pedal to Woodside ferry terminal it was time for a nice hot coffee to allow some bits to thaw out.  The puncture delay meant the planned route had to be curtailed (had to get back to do some last minute birthday party preparations) so from there it was a grind up the hills to Upton followed by a nice whizz down a muddy footpath followed by a further grind up to Frankby and finally a grind up Hillside Road/Grammar School Lane - WITHOUT STOPPING!!!!  A nice gentle coast back home allowed cold, tired muscles to be stretched.  Shame about the puncture delay but I felt some respectable miles and hills achieved!

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