Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Swimming training.

5th February 2013

So the training plan has been well and truly scuppered by the lousy weather. 
30mph winds, 2'c temp and sleety, soggy wet stuff coming out of the sky. 
So what to do??
Why not get warm and wet!!
Todays exercise consists of an hours swim - 70 lengths of a 25m pool.
Have to say the first 12 were a struggle but once I got into my stride the 70 flew by.
And when I climbed out of the pool I had jelly legs and could feel my shoulders so it was definitely a good work out.

Now the problem is going to be fitting in any more training this week - weather forecast for tomorrow the same and working in the afternoon anyway.
Thursday morning involves a hospital appointment to see if the old ticker is up to the coast to coast and then the afternoon requires serious cake making and shopping for a little girls birthday party. Have to fit in a quick pedal Friday alongside the house tidying and chores.


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