Friday, 1 February 2013

Starting out......

Weekly Total
Home→ Wetstone Lane → Wirral Way to        8.5m           1 hr         8.5             8.5
Thurstaston → Irby Mill → Farmers Arms → Ennisdale Drive → Beacon Drive
Blue sky but otherwise a very cold and windy day.  As this was the first training day after many months off the bike the intention was only to go out for an hour.  Few hills but nothing major.  Had to walk up the majority of Beacon Drive but overall a respectable pedal for a first outing.
Home→ Grammar School Lane → Farmers      15.6         2hrs       24.1     24.1
  Arms → Irby Mill → Irby → Pensby → Arrowe Park → Greasby → Meols → Hoylake → Cinder path → Grange Road
Blue sky, not as windy as yesterday but deceptively cold!  Haven’t yet sorted out the right number of layers to wear so had cold fingers and toes.  More off road sections than yesterday which were very muddy!  Finished by pedalling straight up Grange Road – just to see if it was possible!!  Made it to the top without stopping.  Woo hoo!

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